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Passivation and decontamination

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CKJ Steel has developed a dedicated system for passivation, decontamination and resetting of vessels and pipe systems.

We have developed it because we know the requirements that our customers must fulfil – and because we found out that the existing solutions and suppliers quite simply were not good enough.

So we developed our own unique system with advanced computer control. It offers precise and detailed control over flow and temperature throughout the process.

The customer is assured that the requested process was completed in full accordance with the regulatory requirements applying to the system – regardless of whether the process is passivation, decontamination or resetting.

Furthermore, the customer is provided with full documentation of the completed process as the computer control generates a report at the end of the process.
The system is mobile, and we thus offer our customers on-site passivation, decontamination and resetting. And, of course, we also use the system in our own production hall when we finish our work on vessels and pipes for delivery.

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