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Quality is not merely something that we talk about at CKJ Steel. Quality is in our DNA – and has been since our establishment in 1993.

Only when we consistently deliver outstanding quality in all aspects of our work do we deserve the long-term customer relationships representing the foundation of CKJ Steel.

This being the case, we have comprehensive systems and procedures in place to ensure the quality of our work.

CKJ Steel has obtained ISO 9001 certification and works in full compliance with all other applicable norms and standards such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and PED-EN 13445 (standard for pressure vessels and pipe systems).

Moreover, CKJ Steel has obtained CE marking for steel structures 
(also known as EN 1090-1).

Our work focuses 100% on quality management and assurance. This work starts already when we talk with a customer about the needs and requirements for a new solution. And it does not end until the facility is in place on the customer's premises – tested, documented and approved.

This is how we work:
First, we prepare a concrete project specification, including material requirements, together with the customer.
The specification results in two documents: 1) a detailed supplier/quality manual that we use in-house at CKJ Steel and 2) a specification of our requirements for material quality that we forward to our suppliers
Once the materials have been delivered to CKJ Steel, everything is checked according to the two documents. New supplies are separated physically from our production halls to ensure that they are not used by mistake before they have been approved
If the quality of the materials does not satisfy our requirements, the materials will be returned to the supplier. However, if the quality is in order, we accept the delivery and release the materials to our production
During the production process, we perform regular checks of our own work in the form of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), e.g. by means of X-ray or video inspections
Then we perform FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) of the facility and prepare detailed documentation of the test results
The next step is the on-site assembly of the facility on the customer's premises and the performance of yet another test – SAT (Site Acceptance Testing). Again, we prepare detailed documentation.
The customer can now submit the comprehensive documentation to the authorities and obtain the necessary approvals, e.g. from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
The completely documented and approved facility is now ready for commissioning and to form part of the customer's day-to-day production.

You are welcome to contact us on +45 56 65 79 68 to learn more about the advantages of cooperating with CKJ Steel